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  • JackRabbit XG - Lightweight & Compact XL Micro eBike, Red
  • JackRabbit XG - Lightweight & Compact XL Micro eBike, Red
  • JackRabbit XG - Lightweight & Compact XL Micro eBike, Red
  • JackRabbit XG - Lightweight & Compact XL Micro eBike, Red
  • JackRabbit XG - Lightweight & Compact XL Micro eBike, Red
  • JackRabbit XG - Lightweight & Compact XL Micro eBike, Red
  • JackRabbit XG - Lightweight & Compact XL Micro eBike, Red
  • JackRabbit XG - Lightweight & Compact XL Micro eBike, Red
  • JackRabbit XG - Lightweight & Compact XL Micro eBike, Red
  • JackRabbit XG - Lightweight & Compact XL Micro eBike, Red
  • JackRabbit XG - Lightweight & Compact XL Micro eBike, Red
  • JackRabbit XG - Lightweight & Compact XL Micro eBike, Red
  • JackRabbit XG - Lightweight & Compact XL Micro eBike, Red
  • JackRabbit XG - Lightweight & Compact XL Micro eBike, Red
the original

JackRabbit XG Lightweight & Compact XL Micro eBike, Red

With 20 mph of 100% electric power, a 500W motor and 20” all-terrain tires, the XG is perfect for all the times you need a bit more room, hill-climbing ability and range for an outdoor adventure or everyday commute.

Only 32 lbs and with a frame that can fold flat, the XG is super lightweight and portable to fit easily in any sized car, camper, RV or trailer.

The best part? Two swappable battery slots provide 20+ mile range. Oh, and it comes with siiiick metal footpegs. Ships fully assembled with a charger.

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Experience the all-new JackRabbit XG
More range for longer adventures, and extra power to crush hills and commutes.

Lightweight 32 LBS

Compact Design
(Folds Flat to 7 in Wide)

20 MPH* & 500W Motor

20+ Mile Range*

100% Electric
& Whisper Quiet

20 inch all-terrain tires

(FAA Compliant)

Swappable Battery For 2x Range* (Sold Separately)

*Dependent on total weight, road and weather conditions

Double your range for double the fun.

Get 2x extra swappable batteries to instantly double your range up to 40+ miles!*

Light enough to strap to your seat or throw in a bag. And, compliant to UL2271 & UL2272.

*Dependent on total weight, road and weather conditions

Get an extra battery

"I’m in love. The fact that you can travel with this no matter what mode of transportation you use, makes it the ultimate portable electric vehicle."

Mitchell Anderson

Rider Guide
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"The most useful electric bike is a pint-size prankster. JackRabbit’s new and improved tiny electric motorbike is the perfect first-, last-, and every-mile-in-between solution."

Adrienne So

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"A balanced combination of portability, maneuverability, functionality, and – well, plain old fun!"

John Bozick

Electric Bike Report
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"You get the simplicity of a scooter with a riding geometry that’s more stable like a bike."

Micah Toll

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"In a world of generic electric bikes, the JackRabbit is hard to ignore. The micro, pedal-free ride blends the convenience of a scooter with the sitdown comfort of a bicycle"

James Trew

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"When it's time to stow it away, the XG conveniently folds flat for storage, and it's fairly lightweight, tipping the scales at just 32 pounds."

Enrico Punsalang

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Here's some people that know all about JackRabbit XG

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This thing absolutely rips.

Reed Stark

New Orleans, USA

As the Director of Electrify Showoff, I was looking for an ebike to travel with from event to event, and as soon as I found the XG I was sold! It’s easy to travel with and even more awesome to ride!

Neil Tjin
Director of Electrify Showoff

Los Angeles, USA

Living in a mountainous area, the XG delivers the excitement factor every time. From pavement to dirt, this has been the perfect ride to grab and go!

Jose V.

Salt Lake City, USA




32 lbs


20+ miles

Max Speed

20 mph


0 (sweat-free)


500 watt rear hub brushless electric motor


Dual Li-Ion 36V 4.2Ah 151.2Wh (8.4Ah 302.4 Wh total)

Battery Safety

Tested & compliant with UL2271 & UL2272

Bike Safety

CPSC (CFR - Title 16 - Part 1512)


Multi-function backlit, speedometer & odometer

Power Levels


Battery Level

5 level power indicator


Single on/off button


Thumb-activated variable speed control


Standard front and rear lights via light plug ports


Forged aluminum polished silver moto-style


110-240V input, 42V 3A output

Charge Time

~3 hours


Charge through frame or remove battery to charge


Ride Mode: 53” long x 24” wide x 38” high | Folded: 50” x 7” x 31”


IPX4 resistant to rain and water splashes. Non-submersible


Monocoque 6061-T6 aluminum alloy


7” adjustable range, replaceable 27.2mm diameter


20” x 2.6” all-terrain tire, 65 psi


20” x 2.6” all-terrain tire, standard quick release, 65 psi


Standard 20” x 2.2-2.5” inner tube


41” (100 mm) - capable of 180 degree turns in narrow hallways

Hill Climbing

20% max*


Mechanical front & rear disc calipers with 160 mm rotors


4’9” to 6’6”


Up to 275 pounds (125 kg)

*Dependent on total weight. Speed is diminished.

Watch the video

Frequently Asked

For the best experience, we recommend a maximum load weight of 275 lbs (meaning, the weight of the driver, accessories, plus anything that you might be carrying).
The JackRabbit XG will perform best for those 6’6” and under.
We recommend that only adults 18 years and older ride a JackRabbit. And everyone, regardless of age, should always wear a helmet when riding!

Our research shows that it takes less than 5 minutes for most people to become a comfortable rider on a JackRabbit. But take your time and enjoy the learning process! Watch the below quick video or read the below steps

For JackRabbit OG: Watch this video to learn how to ride a JackRabbit OG

For JackRabbit XG: Watch this video to learn how to ride a JackRabbit XG

JackRabbit Riding Steps:

  1. First, check to make sure that:

    • Your footrests are flipped down
    • The handlebars are firmly secured in riding position
    • The brake is working
    • There is air in the tires to the correct PSI range
    • And the seat is at the right position for you
  2. Now, sit on the JackRabbit in the riding position with both feet firmly on the ground and both hands on the handlebars.
  3. Grip the handlebars with both hands, and make sure you are familiar with the brake lever on the right.
  4. For your first ride, try coasting before applying electric power. On a nice flat ground (like an empty parking lot), push off with one foot and as you start to coast, let your legs hang for a bit and then lift up and rest your feet on the foot rests. Coast for a bit more and try steering left and right. Test the brake a few times. Sit comfortably back and try not to lean too far forward on the handlebars. Relax, coast and glide!
  5. Once you’re comfortable coasting and gliding, it’s time to turn on the power.
  6. While stationary, press the power button on the right side of the handlebars above the thumb throttle. The LEDs (JackRabbit OG) or display (JackRabbit XG) on the throttle should turn on, showing that you have activated power and what the battery level is.
  7. Before pressing the throttle, push off with one foot to start your forward movement and place both feet on the foot pegs. Once you are coasting and moving forward, use your right hand thumb to slowly press on the throttle. The more you press, the more power will be applied so start slow and get used to the power as you ride.

Have fun!! When you are finished with your ride, remember to turn off the power button to save battery. And always wear a helmet when riding!

No assembly required! JackRabbits come fully assembled and can be set up to ride without any tools!

Before you ride, you should do the following:

For JackRabbit OG: watch this Set Up video

For JackRabbit XG: watch this Set Up video

As covered in the Set Up videos, be sure to fill up the tires with air to the correct pressure, charge the battery, and attach the handlebars securely.

You’ll also need to set the proper saddle/seat height, put the foot pegs down, and test the braking and bell. Then you’ll be ready to learn how to ride!

Not sure which JackRabbit you have? An easy way to tell the difference between the Jackrabbit XG and JackRabbit OG is that the XG has a brake lever on each side of the handlebars while the OG has a brake lever only on the right side of the handlebars. The JackRabbit OG is the original JackRabbit model and there are a couple versions as described in the JackRabbit OG Technical Specifications section below.

For JackRabbit OGWatch this video to see how to fold your JackRabbit into it’s smallest size for storage or transporting as well as how to fold the JackRabbit into Walk Mode to conveniently walk your JackRabbit indoors and slide it into convenient spaces like behind a door, in a closet, or behind the front seats of a car.

For JackRabbit XG: Rotate the handlebars 180 degrees or remove them and then rotate the front wheel around 180 degrees. By doing so, this will shave a few inches off the overall end-to-end length. If you need to make it further smaller, you can open the quick release clamp on the axle of the front wheel, loosen the axle pin further, and then remove the front wheel to take 10 more inches off the end-to-end length.