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  • Extra Battery
  • Extra Battery

Extra Battery

Swap in this lightweight extra battery at any time for an extra 10 miles.* Easily fits in your bag, or you can store it under your JackRabbit's seat.

And, it's FAA-compliant, so you can carry it on a plane and fly with your JackRabbit! 

*Dependent on total weight, road and weather conditions

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    (At this time, we can only ship to the U.S., Canada and Puerto Rico)

    Here's some people that know all about JackRabbit

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    I couldn’t be happier with the JackRabbit.

    It’s fun to ride and so practical. The compact size and maneuverability make the JackRabbit perfect for places like San Diego and San Francisco. With the JackRabbit, I don’t have to deal with parking or ride sharing. And wherever I ride it, I can easily easily return with groceries or whatever in the attached basket. I love it.

    David S.

    San Francisco, CA


    So much fun, I purchased a 2nd one less than days later!

    So much fun, I purchased a 2nd one less than days later!

    Bob P.



    This just might be my favorite e-toy yet, and I've had many of them... from e-skateboards to e-bikes, scooters to onewheels. The JackRabbit is beyond practical and extremely fun! Weighing in at 24 pounds puts it in a category of its own. The folding design is genius, especially if small space storage is important to you. 20 mph is fast, but the large wheels make it feel perfectly stable! I'm definitely considering investing in a second one for when I have friends over just because they are so much fun!!! I can't go anywhere without having people ask me all about it!! Thanks JackRabbit team for creating such an incredible and innovative e-bike!!!

    Jeff K.

    Oceanside, CA