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Buy in bulk, and we’ll customize a fleet of JackRabbits with your logo
or create a unique design.

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Use custom JackRabbits to supercharge your business

promotional tool

Use custom JackRabbits as a sales tool, a fun company perk or as client gifts


Quickly cruise across large
venues, corporate campuses or warehouses

Add value for
guests & staff

Provide clients, guests or staff with a useful and fun way to get around

Nothing more than exactly what your business needs for more sustainable transportation.

Stop using golf carts to transport one person. JackRabbit is the perfect micro electric bike solution for your enterprise and b2b transportation needs with the right combination of speed, power, range and cost.


Easily Stored & Charged:

Our lightweight and super portable design means you can stack and store multiple JackRabbits anywhere, and charge them via any typical standard US 110V AC outlet.

Built to Last:

In any commercial or corporate environment. We only use premium components that have passed rigorous testing, including UL 2271, UL 2272 and CPSC 16 CFR Part 1512.

No Headaches

With no gears or pedals, JackRabbits are incredibly easy to maintain. And if needed, we have replacement parts readily available.

Stable Design that Everyone can Ride

We’re not a scooter for a reason. Everyone can ride a bike, and with 20 inch all-terrain tires we can take on any bump, dirt, grass or gravel in the road.

Some of our corporate customers

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