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Don’t believe us?

Think about it: You don’t take a plane to go to the grocery store.

Or, an RV to go to work.

You certainly wouldn’t take a helicopter to go down the block. Unless you’re Jay Z.

But for everyone reading this who isn’t Jay Z, it’s time to make mobility make sense - for everyone.

Mobility shouldn’t depend on gas.

It shouldn’t depend on cars at all. We gotta get serious about carbon emissions.

And it shouldn’t require you to show up sweaty. Save that for the gym.

Most importantly, electric mobility shouldn’t be available only to those who have thousands to tens of thousands of dollars to throw down on a tricked out ebike or EV. Again, Jay Z, stop reading here.

All most people need is an easy, affordable, gas-free way to get around a couple of miles or so, sweat-free.

Because realistically, the majority of the trips you take today are less than 5 miles. In fact, according to research: 64% of the trips you take everyday are 5 miles or less, while only 7% are over 25 miles.

So, why are we paying for ebikes that can get 45 miles at a time for 5 mile trips?

I mean, if you like riding 45 miles in a day, or the entire length of Manhattan, three times - by all means, cruise away my friend! Or, if you enjoy going 50mph in an unenclosed vehicle, godspeed!

But that sounds like a big ol’ butt ache to us. And super scary.

We believe most people don’t need that kind of range, or mph, on most days.

And if you don’t use it, you shouldn’t pay for it.

Oh, and we also believe scooters look stupid and increase your chances of face-planting by 238%, and that’s just a fact.

The future of mobility is micro ebikes, like JackRabbit: all the convenience of a scooter with the stability of a bike design, and with a price that makes sense for most people who aren’t Jay Z.

JackRabbit, who?

Oh my bad, we didn’t introduce ourselves.

Hi! We’re JackRabbit, the original tiny ass ebike.

We’re small, but mighty.

Cute, but also incredibly convenient.

Inconspicuous, and environmentally-righteous.

And we simply want to help you get to where you need to go, without any extra costs. A 5 mile trip with us will only cost you 4 cents, or about 1/25 less than it would in a car.

We’re only 24lbs and can fold down to 7 inches wide, which means we can fit basically anywhere. You can easily lift us into your car trunk or up and down stairs, and store us in your garage, closet, dorm room - wherever inside really. Or, bring us on a train or subway and cruise to work from there.

And being able to bring a JackRabbit indoors is key, because you know who loves those $3,000 ebikes even more than your annoying techy brother-in-law? Bike thieves.

Being super portable and having 20 inch all-terrain tires, means we’re the perfect outdoor adventure companion. Take us with you on your road trips, boat trips, RV or camper van adventures - even on a plane! Yep, we’re an ebike that’s FAA-complaint.

And yeah yeah yeah, some folks might notice our lack of pedals and say “ThAtS nOt An eBiKe.”

To which we say: it’s time to get off the internet.

We weren’t designed for exercise, because, a lot of the time, you don’t want to show up sweaty (to work, to a date, to a nice seafood dinner, etc).

No matter what you call us, the JackRabbit was designed to be a better way to get around, the majority of the time for the majority of people.

And most importantly, we’re a hell of a lot of fun.

  • For all the trips you take that aren't 45 miles Ride JackRabbit
  • For all the times you don't want to live life on the edge Ride JackRabbit
  • For all the times you don't want to take your chopper down the block Ride JackRabbit
  • For all the times you don't want to face-plant Ride JackRabbit
  • For all the times you don't want to show up sweaty Ride JackRabbit
  • For all the times you don't want to pay $3,000+ just to go a few miles Ride JackRabbit

It’s time to join the micro movement.

Ride easy. Ride gas-free. Ride on the cheap. Ride just fast enough. Ride lazy.

Ride JackRabbit.

Join the micro movement