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JackRabbit XG

100% Electric. Ultra lightweight. Huge on fun.

JackRabbit OG - Lightweight & Compact Micro eBike, Black
JackRabbit OG

The original micro ebike.
Ultra lightweight.
Compact design.

10+ mi| 20mph| 300w| $999.99
JackRabbit XG - Lightweight & Compact XL Micro eBike, Black
JackRabbit XG

The XL micro ebike.
Double the range.
Extra power for hills.

20+ mi| 20mph| 500w| $1,749.99

Fits anywhere,
to go everywhere

A folding flat design means JackRabbits can fit in any RV, camper, boat or car for more adventures.

"I’m in love. The fact that you can travel with this no matter what mode of transportation you use, makes it the ultimate portable electric vehicle."

Mitchell Anderson

Rider Guide
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"The most useful electric bike is a pint-size prankster. JackRabbit’s new and improved tiny electric motorbike is the perfect first-, last-, and every-mile-in-between solution."

Adrienne So

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"The JackRabbit micro bike could be your best final-mile solution."

Duncan Brady

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"Don't let the small size fool you: this thing still kicks electronic motorized ass."

Cam Sherrill

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"Delivering plenty of smiles per miles to test riders at The Big Gear Show, the JackRabbit Micro eBike was one of the most zippy, fun bikes we hopped onto during the event. For zipping around established campsites or commuting to work, the JackRabbit seems poised to be a leader in micromobility."

Steve Larese

Outside Business Journal
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"It’s the kind of tech gadget that brings joy into the world."

Dave Johnson

Forbes | The Best Ebike You Can Ride Home Today
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"Small enough when folded up to fit behind the front seat of a car, and light enough, at 24 pounds, to carry up a flight of stairs."

Adele Peters

Fast Company | World Changing Ideas
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"It just didn’t matter how funny I thought I looked. What mattered was how much fun I was having. And the fact that I was zipping along at 20 mph (32 km/h) on an electric vehicle I could lift with one finger."

Micah Toll

Electrek | JackRabbit Review
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"It makes a lot of sense for those who don’t want or need a full-sized bike, and for whom a scooter just isn’t the best alternative. The fact that it’s wildly fun is just an added bonus."

James Trew

Engadget | JackRabbit Review
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"This JackRabbit is truly clever...the bike was a fun, easy way to run errands around the neighborhood. We also came up with the useful system of leaving the bike in our trunk, parking as far from our destination as we pleased, and riding the JackRabbit the rest of the way."

Oscar Hartzog

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"A balanced combination of portability, maneuverability, functionality, and – well, plain old fun!"

John Bozick

Electric Bike Report
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"The JackRabbit is ‘different’ and, by all reports, immensely fun. It’s intended as a quick and easy option for short rides or those last few miles of a commute."

Scott Clough-Carroll

Bike Ride
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Kind of a small deal.

We're the biggest thing in micro, and it’s definitely not because of our jokes.



4.9/5 stars



(haha, just kidding)

"They're super fun, easy to maintain. I love all the customization you can do with them!"

David W.

"This thing is the solution for those who look at most ebikes and cringe at how utterly uncool they look."

Justin S.

"Coolest bike, hands down."

Justin S.

"Tons of fun in a small package."

Hieu T.

"My new adventure buddy."

Lesa P.

"Customer service is A+ stellar"

Franklin D.

Only serious
about quality

You’re a premium component. So, we only use premium components that are thoroughly tested, UL-compliant, and designed in San Diego.

No pedals and

JackRabbits are 100% electric, so you can get there sweat-free: to work, a hot date, or a nice seafood dinner with your aging chihuahua.

You can fly
with us.

Not like that guy. We mean on an airplane. Our swappable battery and compact design allow JackRabbits to be FAA-compliant.

The most mod-able bike ever.

Make JackRabbit all your own with limited-edition designs, mods and accessories.

The Outside Limited Edition Design by JJ Designs
S'more Sedona Limited Edition Design by JJ Designs
Colorado Dreaming Limited Edition Design by JJ Designs