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The $999 micro eBike

JackRabbit - Black
JackRabbit - Black
JackRabbit - Black
JackRabbit - Black



“Tiny bikes are more affordable, easier to transport, and easier to store. I'm testing several micro bikes right now, but the one I'd recommend at the moment is the JackRabbit. The bike weighs an astonishingly little 24 pounds and is simple to assemble out of the box, and it can fold down to save even more space.”

Adrienne So

Wired |   2021 Best Micro Bike
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“It’s the kind of tech gadget that brings joy into the world.”

Dave Johnson

Forbes |  The Best Ebike You Can Ride Home Today
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“Small enough when folded up to fit behind the front seat of a car, and light enough, at 24 pounds, to carry up a flight of stairs.”

Adele Peters

Fast Company |  World Changing Ideas
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“It just didn’t matter how funny I thought I looked. What mattered was how much fun I was having. And the fact that I was zipping along at 20 mph (32 km/h) on an electric vehicle I could lift with one finger.”

Micah Toll

Electrek |  JackRabbit Review
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“It makes a lot of sense for those who don’t want or need a full-sized bike, and for whom a scooter just isn’t the best alternative. The fact that it’s wildly fun is just an added bonus.”

James Trew

Engadget |  JackRabbit Review
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That’s right.
We made a
tiny ass

No heavy-lifting.
No face-planting.
No sweating.
Just 20 mph of pure electric fun.

24 LBS

20 MPH Max Speed*

300 Watt Motor

10+ Mile Range*

2 Hour Recharge Time

240 Max Rider Weight

7 in Wide (When Folded)

Stable 20 Inch Thick Tires

*Dependent on total weight, road and weather conditions

Fun in size.
Serious Engineering.

With quality materials and a really, really ridiculously good looking design

No pedals
and proud.

Because sometimes you just want to cruise, sweat-free. We don’t judge.

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