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Give Them a JackRabbit

Ultra Lightweight. 100% Electric. Huge on fun.

Give the best gift of the year.

Order by 12/13 to guarantee delivery before Christmas.

JackRabbit OG - Lightweight & Compact Micro eBike, Blue
JackRabbit OG

The original micro ebike.
Ultra lightweight.
Compact design.

10+ mi| 20mph| 300w| $999.99
JackRabbit XG - Lightweight & Compact Mini Electric Motorbike, Red
JackRabbit XG

The original mini electric motorbike.
A bit more room.
A lot more vroom vroom

20+ mi| 20mph| 500w| $1,749.99

Tiny but mighty.

No frills. Just the right mix of speed, power and range, in a lightweight, compact + 100% electric package.

We're huge on fun.

And exceptional customer service. 4.9/5 stars babyyyyy.

"This thing absolutely rips."

Reed Stark
Pro BMXer

"I feel like I've reached enlightenment."

David R.,
Customer + Jacko

"Wildly fun."

James Trew

"An embodiment of sheer exhilaration."

Gabe S.,
Customer + Jacko

"Don't let the small size fool you."

Cam Sherril

Only serious
about quality

You’re a premium component. So we only use premium components that are thoroughly tested, compliant to UL2271 & UL2272, and designed in sunny San Diego.

Make JackRabbit all your own.

Snag a limited edition design and customize with accessories.

The Outside Limited Edition Design by JJ Designs
S'more Sedona Limited Edition Design by JJ Designs
Colorado Dreaming Limited Edition Design by JJ Designs

No pedals and

JackRabbits are 100% electric, and perfect for all those times you need to get somewhere sweat-free: to work, a date, or a nice seafood dinner.

The perfect travel buddy.

A swappable battery and folding flat design means a bunch of JackRabbits can fit on any adventure: RVs, camper vans, boats, and planes (yep, we’re FAA-compliant).

“I rode across the starry abyss through the cosmos and back-flipped off the spectacular Milky Way! I’m a happier person from this ebike. Buy it. If you’ve read this far, buy it.”

A customer actually said that. Seriously, you gotta try one for yourself, today!

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