Take your life on a ride

Take your life on a ride


David S.

“I couldn’t be happier with the JackRabbit. It’s fun to ride and so practical. The compact size and maneuverability make the JackRabbit perfect for places like San Diego and San Francisco. With the JackRabbit, I don’t have to deal with parking or ride sharing. And wherever I ride it, I can easily easily return with groceries or whatever in the attached basket. I love it.” – David S., San Francisco, CA


Jeff K.

“This just might be my favorite e-toy yet, and I’ve had many of them… from e-skateboards to e-bikes, scooters to onewheels. The JackRabbit is beyond practical and extremely fun! Weighing in at 23 pounds puts it in a category of its own. The folding design is genius, especially if small space storage is important to you. 20 mph is fast, but the large wheels make it feel perfectly stable! I’m definitely considering investing in a second one for when I have friends over just because they are so much fun!!! I can’t go anywhere without having people ask me all about it!! Thanks JackRabbit team for creating such an incredible and innovative e-bike!!!” – Jeff K. Oceanside, CA

Cullen C.

“Love how it came ready-to-roll right out of the box! Carries my big ole 6’3” body up hills and all around the metro Austin area nicely. Solid!” – Cullen C. Austin, TX

Stan K.

“The JackRabbit came completely as advertised and more…right down to the 3 minute set up out of the box. It is now my daily commuter around town… if I can grab it before someone else in the family.” – Stan K. Park City, UT

Carol S.

“This JackRabbit is just the ticket for me to bop around between my place and the grands. It’s well constructed and cute! I’m the envy of all my friends. And it’s lightweight. What more could I ask for?” – Carol S. New Braunfels, TX

Roger M.

“My JackRabbit is perfect for running errands and for just cruising around. Everywhere I go, people ask me how they can get one!” – Roger M Del Mar, CA

Emilio D.

“The JackRabbit gets me to and from my morning ocean swims with no traffic and parking issues.” – Emilio D. San Diego, CA

Craig D.

“The JackRabbit is a beautiful machine. It came perfectly packaged and is simple to set up and use. I love how small and light it is. The back tire has plenty of grip and give on rough ground. Rear disc brake is amazing.” – Craig D. Bridgeport, VT

Sergio P

This ebike is light as a feather. Build quality is great. I have a sit down electric scooter, it’s twice the weight. It also has less speed, range and smaller 10” wheels than the JackRabbit.” – Sergio P., Houstin, TX

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Join the movement and jump on a JackRabbit.

Looking to explore new parts of your city or venture off the beaten path? JackRabbit is the perfect sidekick: 20mph of pure electric power, yet light enough to carry up stairs and small enough to pop in the trunk or tuck away in a closet. With extra sturdy tires, the JackRabbit can take on any bump in the road for a super smooth ride. Join the movement and jump on a JackRabbit.

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“…the JackRabbit 2.0 might be one of the best examples of out-of-the-box e-bike design I’ve seen in a long time.”

-Micah Toll, Electrek

Extra sturdy tires and no pedals make it a smooth and easy ride.