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  • The Qualified Captain Bundle - Custom Black JackRabbit OG + Travel Bag + TQC Merch
  • The Qualified Captain Bundle - Custom Black JackRabbit OG + Travel Bag + TQC Merch
  • The Qualified Captain Bundle - Custom Black JackRabbit OG + Travel Bag + TQC Merch
  • The Qualified Captain Bundle - Custom Black JackRabbit OG + Travel Bag + TQC Merch
  • The Qualified Captain Bundle - Custom Black JackRabbit OG + Travel Bag + TQC Merch
limited edition

The Qualified Captain Bundle Custom Black JackRabbit OG + Travel Bag + TQC Merch

This is not a drill. We’ve partnered with The Qualified Captain to bring you a limited edition bundle that includes:

  • A limited edition black JackRabbit, with a hand-drawn The Qualified Captain design by JJ Designs
  • A travel bag accessory
  • The Qualified Captain stickers and a koozie

More on JackRabbit:

With a max speed of 20mph and weighing an ultralight 24 lbs, the JackRabbit micro ebike is small, but mighty. Like a chihuahua, but loveable.

Designed to be the most portable ebike in the world, the JackRabbit can fit anywhere from RVs, to camper vans, cars, boats, closets, apartments - even on a plane (we're FAA-compliant!).

We're also 100% electric powered, with no pedals, for all the times you want a sweat-free ride: going to work, the store or a nice seafood dinner.

Oh, and we ship the JackRabbit fully assembled with a charger. Just clip in the handlebars and start cruising!

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The Qualified Captain Bundle

We've been working with The Qualified Captain since day one at JackRabbit.

Why? Because that sh*t's funny.

But also because, just like how fish was made for chips, JackRabbits were made for the boat life. We're the “tender for your tender,” because our micro ebike can fit easily anywhere on your boat, and then makes the perfect way to explore on land when at dock.

We worked with the very solid dudes at TQC to create this limited edition “The Qualified Captain x JackRabbit” bundle for all you captains out there (and for all you wanna be captains too).

This bundle includes a custom hand-drawn nautical TQC design by the super talented JJ Designs on a black JackRabbit, a travel bag accessory and some TQC merch (aka stickers and koozies).

We hope you love it!

And please, for the love of god, put your prop down, practice your knots and do not go swimming with your JackRabbit.

Test ride the original micro ebike today.
Small, but mighty useful, ultra portable and mega fun.

Ultra Lightweight 24 LBS

Compact Design
(Folds Flat to 7 in Wide)

20 MPH Max Speed*

10+ Mile Range*

3 Hour Recharge Time

20 inch all-terrain tires

(FAA Compliant)

Swappable Battery For 2x Range* (Sold Separately)

*Dependent on total weight, road and weather conditions

Double your range for double the fun.

Get an extra swappable battery to instantly double your range up to 20+ miles!*

Light enough to strap to your seat or throw in a bag. Compact enough to carry-on a plane and fly with your JackRabbit. And, compliant to UL2271 & UL2272.

*Dependent on total weight, road and weather conditions

Get an extra battery

Fly with your JackRabbit

Yep, you can take your JackRabbit on a plane! And cruise on your ‘Rabbit wherever you can dream of.

Simply remove the battery and carry it on, and then check the rest of the bike in our Air-Sea-Land Travel Bag.

Get a travel bag

"I’m in love. The fact that you can travel with this no matter what mode of transportation you use, makes it the ultimate portable electric vehicle."

Mitchell Anderson

Rider Guide
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"The most useful electric bike is a pint-size prankster. JackRabbit’s new and improved tiny electric motorbike is the perfect first-, last-, and every-mile-in-between solution."

Adrienne So

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"The JackRabbit micro bike could be your best final-mile solution."

Duncan Brady

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"Don't let the small size fool you: this thing still kicks electronic motorized ass."

Cam Sherrill

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"Delivering plenty of smiles per miles to test riders at The Big Gear Show, the JackRabbit Micro eBike was one of the most zippy, fun bikes we hopped onto during the event. For zipping around established campsites or commuting to work, the JackRabbit seems poised to be a leader in micromobility."

Steve Larese

Outside Business Journal
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"It’s the kind of tech gadget that brings joy into the world."

Dave Johnson

Forbes | The Best Ebike You Can Ride Home Today
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"Small enough when folded up to fit behind the front seat of a car, and light enough, at 24 pounds, to carry up a flight of stairs."

Adele Peters

Fast Company | World Changing Ideas
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"It just didn’t matter how funny I thought I looked. What mattered was how much fun I was having. And the fact that I was zipping along at 20 mph (32 km/h) on an electric vehicle I could lift with one finger."

Micah Toll

Electrek | JackRabbit Review
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"It makes a lot of sense for those who don’t want or need a full-sized bike, and for whom a scooter just isn’t the best alternative. The fact that it’s wildly fun is just an added bonus."

James Trew

Engadget | JackRabbit Review
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"This JackRabbit is truly clever...the bike was a fun, easy way to run errands around the neighborhood. We also came up with the useful system of leaving the bike in our trunk, parking as far from our destination as we pleased, and riding the JackRabbit the rest of the way."

Oscar Hartzog

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"The JackRabbit is no ordinary e-bike, but why should it be? It holds plenty of potential for everything from fun to errands to freedom."

Griffin Hales

Electric Bike Report
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"The JackRabbit is ‘different’ and, by all reports, immensely fun. It’s intended as a quick and easy option for short rides or those last few miles of a commute."

Scott Clough-Carroll

Bike Ride
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24 lbs


10+ miles

Max Speed

20 mph


0 (sweat-free)


300 Watt rear hub brushless electric motor


Li-Ion 36V 4.2Ah 151.2Wh

Battery Safety

Passed CPSC 16 CFR Part 1512, UL 2271 & UL 2272


Single on/off button operated on throttle


Thumb-activated variable speed control

Battery Level

3 LED power level on throttle

Battery Access

Removable, secured via barrel-key lock under frame


71W 10-240V, US plug, 1.7 A 41V output

Charge Time

~3 hours


Charge through frame or remove battery to charge


Ride Mode: 48” long x 21” wide x 39” high | Folded: 45” x 7” x 30”


IPX4 resistant to rain and water splashes. Non submersible


Monocoque 6061-T6 aluminum alloy


7” adjustable range, replaceable 27.2mm diameter


20” x 2.5” all-terrain tire, 65 psi


20” x 1.95” all-terrain tire, 65 psi


Standard 20” x 1.5-2.5” inner tube


33” (84 cm) - capable of 180 degree turns in narrow hallways

Hill Climbing

16% max*


Mechanical rear disc caliper with 180 mm rotor


4’10” to 6’2”


Up to 240 pounds (109 kg)

*Dependent on total weight. Speed is diminished.

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