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Midrise Handlebar for OG 3.1

Want some more height on your handlebars so you sit up or sit back a little more on your OG? But want to still keep it super flat when folded and easy to walk in walk mode? Then grab our Midrise Handlebar Kit for OG. 

It'll raise your handlebars about 3 inches higher than the handlebars that came with your OG. And it’ll extend your grip about 3 inches farther too. 

The handlebars come in a kit with the necessary throttle wire extension wires and longer brake cable that you’ll need for this higher handlebar. Additionally, it comes with an entire new handlebar stem assembly that makes switching between ride mode and walk/flat mode significantly faster. 

Please note: professional installation is STRONGLY recommended. We have made a video here that you can have your local bike mechanic watch for installation.

Want even more handlebar height? Check out our Highrise Handlebar Kit for OG here [link]

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