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The super portable micro ebike

Made to complement your camping & RV adventures

RV-friendly storage

Folding flat to 7 inches wide and only 24 pounds means you can easily store multiple JackRabbits in your car or RV.

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Camping Bike, Grocery Getter

I absolutely love riding the Jack Rabbit. It is well made, sturdy and has wide tires.

It is light weight making it easy for this 5' 3" 71 year old lady to lift it into my camper.

When I turn the handle bars to the side and flip up the foot pegs I can stow it in the center aisle in the camper van and walk around it with no trouble.

It is exactly what I was looking for. Now I'm making up excuses to ride it. I've taken it to the grocery store twice this week. What a joy!

- Terri B.

Perfect for Camping & Exploring

The JackRabbit is one amazing, fun bike.

It is light and small enough for us to take it with us in our little (19 ft) camper.

With them we are able to explore more of the area around our camping location and and the cities near by. We can throw them into our SUV and use them throughout the day.

Highly recommend them.

- Larry J.

JackRabbit ebike review

I bought two jackrabbit e-bikes to store on the back of my RV.

They are perfect size for easy storage.

I would highly recommend these bikes.

They're easy to store and easy to ride.

Find myself riding them all the time.

- Christopher O.

Never stop exploring

20 mph of pure electric power makes us the perfect way to explore when camp is set up or the RV is parked for the night.

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Rides rugged

A stable and sturdy bike design with 20 inch all-terrain tires means we can take on any bump, dirt, grass or gravel.

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