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The Best eBike for Private Planes

The Best eBike for Private Planes

Flying private? Must be big on convenience and flexibility, huh? Enter, JackRabbit. Lightweight, portable, and FAA-compliant (yes, you read that right), JackRabbit is always up for an adventure. It’s also the only micro eBike you can fly with, but we’re not trying to brag. So we’ll let our friends over at AOPA do it for us: “The [JackRabbit OG] would fit well in the baggage area of a piston twin, turboprop, or jet [or] if you fly an aircraft with a removable rear seat, the bike will fit great.” Check out why JackRabbit is the ultimate plane buddy, below. 

Ultra Portable

JackRabbit is designed with portability in mind. Weighing in at just 24 lbs for the OG model and 32 lbs for the XG, it's incredibly lightweight. Easily carry it wherever you go, whether hopping on a private plane or exploring a new city. And, once you get to your destination - no more waiting for transportation, hoping to get the last courtesy car at the FBO, or dealing with the headache of renting a car – your JackRabbit is ready to go as soon as you touch down.


When you aren’t flying private - traveling with JackRabbit is a breeze thanks to our battery, which is FAA-compliant. You can take it with you on any trip, hassle-free. Simply pop out the battery, put it in your carry on, flip the bike into "Flat Mode” and store it easily in our Air-Sea-Land Travel Bag that you can check as luggage. 

Fits in your Plane

The JackRabbit is made to fit in your plane. When in “flat-mode” (the front wheel is rotated back and the handlebars are removed and attached to the wheel) the JackRabbit OG is 30 inches tall, 45 inches long, and an easy 7 inches wide. When tested by Alyssa J. Cobb for AOPA, she noted she could fit it in the baggage area of a Piper Lance, but “needed to fold one of the rear seats forward so the bike could angle in and let the baggage door close. If you don’t plan to carry passengers in the back, it works well in the rear passenger area of aircraft like the Lance or a Beechcraft Bonanza.”

Mega Mobile

Transition into "Flat Mode" by releasing the handlebar clamp, rotating the handlebars 90 degrees while keeping the front wheel facing forward, and closing the clamp. Fold the footpegs up, and your JackRabbit is flat and ready to be stored easily in the plane. Psst…here’s a tip: "Flat Mode" is also "Walk Mode," making it incredibly convenient to walk your JackRabbit in crowded areas where riding isn't an option.

At JackRabbit, we're passionate about creating innovative and sustainable solutions for modern transportation. Our micro eBikes are designed to bring your travel experience to a 10, whether you're exploring a new city or visiting one of your faves. Experience the freedom and flexibility of JackRabbit on your next journey and discover a new way to travel.