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Say Hello to JackRabbit XG: The Original Mini Electric Motorbike

Say Hello to JackRabbit XG: The Original Mini Electric Motorbike

Drumroll please…prepare to explore new heights as we introduce the newest member of our family: JackRabbit XG, the all-new original mini electric motorbike. 

Whether you're a thrill-seeker, adventure crusader - or just want to get up hills faster - the XG is here to redefine your electric ride experience. It’s zoomier, roomier, and vroomier (okay, maybe that’s not a word but you get the point). 

The XG is purposely designed for powersports and adventure enthusiasts seeking more power, longer range, and an extended frame making it perfect to take to the pits or racetrack, on an outdoor adventure, or simply to amplify the everyday commute.


100% electric and with a 500w motor and 20-inch all terrain tires, it can cruise silently (great for quiet times at the track) over dirt and gravel, while still hitting a fun and fast 20 mph. 

And at only 32 lbs and with a frame that can fold flat, the XG still maintains JackRabbit’s lightweight and compact design heritage. The best part? The XG has 2 swappable battery slots, providing a 20+ mile range and an instant boost when needed.

Lightweight, compact, powerful, and agile. Oh, and did we mention it comes in gloss red? For the first time ever, we’re introducing a red color to JackRabbit, exclusively for XG.

Pro BMX rider Reed Stark put it best, "This thing absolutely rips."

Check out some of the top XG features below:

 📍 20+ mile range 

🔋 2 swappable battery slots 

💪 500w motor for more power on hills 

⚡ 20 mph of pure 100% electric speed

🪶 Lightweight 32 lb compact design 

🏍️ Extended frame that folds flat for easy storage

🔆 Digital display with speed, range and power level

💨 Three power assist modes (eco, mid + high) 

🤘 Siiiick metal footpegs

🛞 20 in-all terrain tires with a quick-release removable front wheel

🛑 Front + rear 160mm mechanical disc brakes

💡Front & rear light ports with lights included

✅ Passed UL 2271, UL 2272 & CPSC 16 CFR Part 1512 

Wait, what happened to the other JackRabbit? 

Don’t worry, our original JackRabbit (now affectionately known as JackRabbit OG) is still a beloved member of the family. We've infused the OG and XG models with their own unique personalities. Imagine OG as your cool, outdoorsy buddy, and XG as the daredevil friend who's always up for skydiving on a whim.

Both are super lightweight and compact, 100% electric grab-and-go fun getters - but the XG provides a bit more room and a lot more vroom vroom.

So…when can I get a JackRabbit XG?

Literally, RIGHT NOW!

The JackRabbit XG is available now for $1749.99 in the U.S and Canada in four colors (black, white, yellow and gloss red). You can snag one on our website or through our amazing network of 100+ JackRabbit dealers.

Adventure is calling, and the JackRabbit XG is the answer. Be one of the first to get your hands on an XG today!