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Ride with Freedom: Introducing Limited-Edition Custom Designed JackRabbit OGs

Ride with Freedom: Introducing Limited-Edition Custom Designed JackRabbit OGs

Who ever said ebikes can’t be personalized to your unique style? Not us! At JackRabbit, we celebrate those who dare to be different, the risk-takers, and the trailblazers. JackRabbit riders aren’t afraid to break free from the ordinary and carve their own path—and neither are we. 

Which is why we’re going where no other micro ebike has gone before: limited edition custom designed bikes. Say goodbye to cookie-cutter designs and embrace a ride that's 100% YOU.

Today, we’re introducing limited-edition custom designed JackRabbit OGs. All designs are hand-drawn by artists we love, and printed in limited quantities to make the super lightweight, ultra compact original JackRabbit micro ebike all your own.

Choose between four unique designs created by the incredible COCO NELLA and JJ Designs 

COCO NELLA is an LA-based artist who specializes in mural painting and graphic art. Her style is bold, clean and approachable. She believes that bringing art to a public setting has a positive impact on people’s overall mental health. The "Mano a Mano" design she created for JackRabbit brings together the bright colors of the brand with elements of urban landscape. Follow COCO @coco.nella. 


JJ Designs is a San Diego-based illustrator who specializes in intricate hand-drawn designs. For JackRabbit, he created three nature-based designs: “S’more Sedona,” “Colorado Dreaming” and “The Outside,” – all of which celebrate the adventures a JackRabbit complements from camping in the desert, to RVing in the mountains, to surfing at the beach. Follow JJ Designs @designsbyjj_.

With these bold new designs (plus accessories like a rear basket, mega metal footpegs and extra swappable batteries!), this is your chance to show off your creativity and snag a limited-edition custom micro ebike that perfectly matches your personality and style.

Get yours now!