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Mega Metal Footpegs: Back and Better Than Ever!

Mega Metal Footpegs: Back and Better Than Ever!

Drumroll, please. Back by popular demand…. Mega Metal Footpegs! Because you loved them so much, we brought ‘em back — JackRabbit style (revamped with extra cool points, of course). 


Get ready to customize the micro eBike of your dreams by popping these bad boys onto your JackRabbit. Almost triple the platform size of the standard JackRabbit OG footrests and double the size of an XG’s, these babies are gonna treat your feet to a luxury ride. 

We’ve designed these for larger feet, but they’re also perfect for a smaller size that just want a little more breathing room. Made of forged aluminum, and available in Black (micro blasted black anodized) for XG, and Silver (lightly sandblast textured silver) and Black (micro blasted black anodized) for OG. Oh and, installation is quick and easy with the twist of a hex key (included with purchase).

And we’re not here to tell you what to do or anything, but these footpegs look siiiiick with our other accessories, like our new Highrise Handlebars for XG.

The Mega Metal Footpegs are available now. Grab them before they sell out (again).