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Master the Pits with JackRabbit: The Lightweight, Compact & Versatile Must-Have Pit Bike

Master the Pits with JackRabbit: The Lightweight, Compact & Versatile Must-Have Pit Bike

Pit bikes are an essential tool for motocross and supercross riders and  MotoGP, F1, and Nascar pit teams allowing them to easily navigate through the pits and quickly make repairs or adjustments between races. 

And that’s where our tiny but mighty micro ebike comes in. 

JackRabbit makes the perfect pit bike, offering riders and pit teams a lightweight, compact, powerful, and agile “mini electric motorcycle” that can handle the demands of the sport and track, while also offering the best feature package under $1000. 

100% Pure (& Quiet) Electric Power 

JackRabbit runs on pure, 100% electric power and features a 300w motor. 

With instant torque and smooth acceleration, riders can easily navigate through the pit area on our micro ebike, making quick repairs or adjustments to their bikes. 

In addition, being fully electric makes JackRabbit virtually silent when cruising, allowing riders to communicate with their pit crew without the need for shouting or hand signals and allowing your team to abide by any noise restrictions.

Easy Storage Anywhere

JackRabbit can fold flat to just 7 inches wide, making it simple to store multiple JackRabbits for an entire pit crew or race team in a trailer, van or car. 

The ability to fold flat means your can store your JackRabbit discreetly away in a crowded pit area. 

Light As a Feather (or a 30-Pack)

At just 24 pounds, or roughly, a 30-pack of beer, anyone can easily lift our micro ebike into a trailer, car or move it around the pit area, making it easy to transport between races.

Cruise Around the Crowds

And because JackRabbit is so incredibly lightweight, it can easily maneuver around tight corners and crowded pit areas, allowing riders to quickly get where they need to be before and after a race.

Tiny but Mighty Useful

Despite its small size, the JackRabbit is packed with features that make it a powerful tool for riders and pit crews. It has a top speed of 20 mph and can travel up to 10+  miles on a single charge, making it ideal for use throughout the day. 

Must-Have Racing Accessories

If more range is needed, you can buy an extra, swappable battery to double your range. This extra battery is also super lightweight and can easily be carried in a backpack or clipped to the back of your JackRabbit’s seat.

The rear basket accessory is also super useful for riders and pit crews to help carry tools, equipment, and gear to and from the race. 

And finally, this fender kit will help keep the mud off. 

The Pit Bike for Pros and Next Gen Pros

Overall, JackRabbit is just the perfect pit bike for motocross and supercross riders as well as MotoGP, F1 and Nascar pit teams. With its lightweight and compact design, powerful electric motor, and high-performance features, it offers riders the speed, agility, and maneuverability they need to navigate the pits and make quick repairs. And at $999.99, it's hands down the best pit bike for the money, and why you see amateur and pro riders alike cruising through the pits on it.

Whether you're a professional racer or a weekend warrior, the JackRabbit micro ebike is a must-have tool for any serious motocross, supercross, race car or motorcycle enthusiast.