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Jacko Spotlight: Rhett "Riot" Tanner

Jacko Spotlight: Rhett "Riot" Tanner

Rhett “Riot” Tanner on paper, is a certified personal trainer, educator, and life coach. 

But his story includes so much more, from enlisting in the U.S. Army, suffering multiple back injuries, rehabbing his way back to health, changing paths to an EMT and firefighter - and ultimately, becoming a personal trainer and life coach to help more folks heal physically and emotionally.

He’s also, as you can see, a super strong and macho dude. 

And we get questions like these all the time, “The JackRabbit looks too small for me. Can I ride this thing? Is it for adults?”

The answer is a resounding yes. If our buddy Rhett can ride one, you can too! Read more about his JackRabbit adventures below.

1. Who are you? What makes you kind of a big deal?

My name is Riot Rhett. I’m a pro fitness athlete and expert explorer. I’ve amassed a decent following over the years of helping others meet their fitness potential while going on adventures all over the country after breaking my back twice.

2. What’s your favorite thing about your JackRabbit? Flatter us, please.

There are a lot of e-bikes out there, but JackRabbit is the only one I’ve found that can easily fit in a van, RV, the truck of our car, or even in the luggage compartment of our Cessna when we fly.

3. Where do you usually ride your “Jackbike”?

Our favorite times to use our JackRabbit is on road trips. It’s the best way to get around the city or down the road to a coffee shop or just explore somewhere we haven’t been. We also love to hop on it on a nice day and just scoot around the neighborhood to get some sun.

4. Who do you think needs a Jackrabbit? Friend, family or celebrity. Dead or alive

I think anyone can benefit from owning a JackRabbit. Whether you use it to get around town, explore walking trails, or just go grab the mail at the end of the driveway it’s too much fun not to own one.

5. It's almost the new year, and we know a lot of folks will be making some fitness goals. As a personal trainer, what are some of your top tips to maintain fitness motivation all year long?

I tell all my clients to remember their ‘why!’ Why is getting in shape important to you? Every single person with a fitness goal will struggle to reach it. It could be easier for some than others but we all have our struggles. Keeping your ‘why’ in mind is one way to overcome those struggles when you are faced with them each day. You have to want change more than you’re willing to put up with your current situation.

6. And for anyone without access to a gym or weights, what are some of your top easy exercises to do from home?

If you don’t have access to a gym and don’t know where to start…just start! Move. Get up and do anything. Movement alone has so many benefits. Run. Walk. Stretch. Do push ups. Sit ups. Anything. Just start, and move!

7. Be honest, how many JackRabbits do you think you could bicep curl at one time?

Lol. They weigh 24 lbs each. At least 4 or 5 pretty easily!

8. Some folks think the JackRabbit is "too small" for them. As a pro athlete and all around macho dude - what do you have to say to these non-believers?

Go watch my videos. I have ramped this thing off stuff, half expecting it to crumble underneath me, and it held up! It’s strong! And it’s actually really comfortable for my size and I’m 6ft 230lbs.

9. You are always outside and exploring! What are some of the best places you've brought your JackRabbit to?

My favorite is always nice dirt walking trails out in nature. Maybe a local lake with a nice walking path. Quiet and serene. But I also love whipping through downtown areas like the Chicago riverwalk.

10. What's your most "fun fact"? This can be about anything in the universe.

This is real, someone once paid an artist $10,000 for invisible artwork. Fact. They should have bought 10 JackRabbits! Lol.