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Jacko Spotlight: Mel Casey

Jacko Spotlight: Mel Casey

Mel Casey is doing the work/life balance thing so right. During the week, she heads up the digital content creative agency, Launch Collaborative, and creates content for her TikTok all about camping, home decor and travel.

On the weekends, Mel and her husband explore the best that beautiful Southern California has to offer in their camper van and their two JackRabbits.

Their two ‘Rabbits have been everywhere from Big Bear to Malibu!

Read below to see why she thinks JackRabbits are the best ebike for camping and road trips - and how they help her make some killer content on TikTok.

1. Who are you? What makes you kind of a big deal?

Hi, I’m Mel! I’m a content creator based in Southern California. I got my start on TikTok two years ago when my husband surprised me with a tiny teardrop trailer. Since then, I’ve spent the last few years sharing our camping adventures and have grown our community of outdoor enthusiasts to over 400K!

2. What’s your favorite thing about your Jackrabbit? Flatter us, please.

My favorite thing about my Jackrabbit is that I can take it anywhere! Since it only weighs 24 lbs, it’s super easy to throw in my trunk for a road trip, stash in my tiny camper for a weekend getaway, or just keep by the door for a quick ride around my neighborhood! It’s small and compact size really makes it the perfect accessory for any adventure :)

3. Where do you usually ride your “Jackbike”?

I ride my Jackbike all over the place, but my favorite rides are when we’re out camping!

4. Who do you think needs a Jackrabbit? Friend, family or celebrity. Dead or alive.

You. If you’re reading this and don’t already have a JackRabbit, this is your sign to go get one!

5. You take your JackRabbit camping with you all the time! How do you use it when out in the wild?

It’s the perfect companion for all our camping adventures – whether we’re exploring a new campsite, riding into town to grab a quick bite, transporting gear or just wanting to get some fresh air without breaking a sweat!

6. What are your top 3 favorite campsites?

3 of my top favorite campsites in Southern California are:

  • Experiencing Fall in Southern California at Serrano Campground in Big Bear
  • Enjoying the breathtaking views of the ocean from Malibu RV Park right on Pacific Highway
  • Spending the weekend apple picking and drinking wine at See Canyon Fruit Ranch right outside of San Luis Obispo

7. Have any easy campfire recipes to share?

Nothing beats waking up and brewing fresh coffee while cooking eggs and bacon over a fire at your campsite!

8. Where do you plan to travel with JackRabbit next?


9. You're a Swiftie, I'm a Swiftie, we’re all Swifties. If JackRabbit was a TSwift song, which one would it be and why?

Bejeweled! This is definitely the track I sing the loudest when riding around town with my JackRabbit – I feel like JackRabbit matches its upbeat and confident energy perfectly