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Jacko Spotlight: Coco Nella

Jacko Spotlight: Coco Nella

Meet Coco Nella, the artistic dynamo behind JackRabbit’s killer “Mano a Mano” limited edition custom design. With Los Angeles as her playground and inspiration, Coco Nella specializes in mural painting, illustration, and graphic design, all while riding her own JackRabbit around the city – spray paint and all!

No one can deny her eye for design, but Coco Nella’s work is more than just aesthetics – her creations are all about shared moments, sparking chats, and those "aha" conversations that linger long after you've gone home.

Thanks to Coco Nella, these custom JackRabbit designs act as visual stories. They're icebreakers for riders sharing the same trail or city block. They're like a secret handshake for the “Silly Weird Bike Club” (aka all you lovely Jacko riders out there!).

We took a ride through Coco Nella's world and chatted about all things art, inspiration and JackRabbit. Oh, and of course jellyfish. Check it out below! 

1. Let’s start at the beginning. Where did your love for art and design kick off? 

My love for art traces back to one of my earliest memories as a kid with a box of crayons. I have always paid attention to color and pattern, and found it natural to create things with my hands.

2. Spill the beans on your design process! Where do you start, and how does your magic take shape? 

I think a lot about structure when I am designing, because so often my work ends up as a mural on the side of a building. Even my abstract work has a specific armature or skeleton holding the composition together, which can be as simple as sketching a few lines across a page. From there, I create a color scheme that is usually about 3-6 colors and I often utilize my own reference photos for inspiration. I move between Adobe Illustrator and Procreate when it comes to creating a design, depending on whether it will be printed or painted in its final stage.

3. You describe your style as “ bold, clean, and approachable in a way that strives to connect people.” In your opinion, how does art bring folks together? 

Because my artwork is made for public enjoyment, I look for ways to create shared experiences. When I am working on a mural, I imagine people taking pictures and having that artwork be a part of a shared memory. It's important to me to make art that feels balanced and harmonious, that feels good to look at, and has more to do with simply improving the human experience. When I was designing the graphic for this bike, I was hoping to create a conversation starter. It would be cool to hear that someone got a few compliments on their bike or that it created some friendly interesting conversation in general.

4. How did you first connect with JackRabbit? 

I got to test drive a JackRabbit at a local ebike shop in DTLA several months ago. I knew I wanted to learn more about the company so I made sure to connect on social media.

5. Alright, now tell us, what's the coolest thing about JackRabbit? How has it changed your day-to-day? 

As someone who lives in a city, the JackRabbit makes it easier to get outside for quick errands and even get to local jobs. My favorite thing about the bike is the size and weight of it, because even when I have to get through a crowded sidewalk or into my building's elevator, it's really easy to maneuver.

6. Let's dish on the killer design you whipped up for our JackRabbit OG. What was the inspiration behind it? 

The JackRabbit team really responded to my previous work with skull imagery on it, so I knew that was something I wanted to incorporate. For the background of the design, I was thinking about city intersections and also offroad topography. I wanted to combine the urban and rural terrain in a way that felt cohesive and looks great together. The color scheme was really where the collaboration with JackRabbit's branding came into play because I utilized every bike frame color in the design. The graphic would look awesome on any bike frame, though my personal favorites are the black and blue.

7. How do you think these new JackRabbit OG customizations will change the rider’s experience? 

I think artwork is inherently tied to culture and community, and JackRabbit riders can have something cool and unique to connect over with the custom graphics. Also as I mentioned earlier, it's a great conversation starter!

8. Who do you think needs a Jackrabbit? Friend, family or celebrity. Dead or alive! 

I think Einstein needed a JackRabbit, because the bike is genius level and he was so ahead of his time.

9. Where's your favorite spot to ride your JackRabbit? Hit us with the deets! 

The new 6th Street Bridge in DTLA is the best place to catch a sunset on the JackRabbit. There is a bike lane that does not have super smooth pavement, so the tires make it easier to navigate than a road bike or skateboard.

10. Alright, time for the most epic fun fact in the universe. What's your go-to mind-blower? 

There is a type of jellyfish that are known to be immortal because they can reverse their life cycles.

Follow Coco Nella @coco.nella on social media, and get the limited edition "Mano a Mano" design before it sells out!