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Introducing: The RangeBuster Battery

Introducing: The RangeBuster Battery

If you were that kid who stayed out wayyyyy past the streetlights coming on, or was never ready to turn around and head home on your bikes, this ones for you. Please give a warm welcome to the newest member of the JackRabbit family: The RangeBuster Battery

This baby gives you a huge 24+ miles in one charge.Yes, you read that right. And nope, you aren’t dreaming. Now, when you hit that usual turnaround point — ride on, my friend. Kiss any range anxiety goodbye.

Like our Extra Battery, it only takes seconds to swap in the RangeBuster Battery and get instant extra miles - and, conveniently, it's cross-compatible with the OG and XG. For example:

- Pop one into your OG, and you'll get 24+ miles of range total (replace the standard battery with a RangeBuster battery)

- Pop one into your XG, and you'll get 34+ miles of range total (RangeBuster + standard battery)

- Pop two into your XG, and you'll get 48+ miles of range total (both battery slots have RangeBuster Batteries in them)

For all the battery geeks out there, the RangeBuster Battery features 10Ah 360Wh, and has 239% more power than our standard Extra Battery. Yep, we did the math. 

And weighing in at just under 4 lbs, we’re still (and always) prioritizing portability, mobility, and convenience. With an XG and Ultra Fast Charger, our charge times are still unbelievably fast: 3.5 hours with an XG charger and 2.5 hours with the Ultra Fast Charger. With an OG charger, you have 7 hours to plan your adventure.

The RangeBuster Battery launches TODAY, February 13, 2024, so hurry up and grab one (or two) before it sells out. We have a feeling this bad boy is going to be pretty popular. 

P.S. Want to get your Valentine a killer present? Or, be your own best Valentine? Try pairing the RangeBuster Battery with these LED lights and our top-selling Rear Basket, for 24/7 adventures!