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10 Reasons Why JackRabbit is the Most Useful Electric Bike

10 Reasons Why JackRabbit is the Most Useful Electric Bike

In a world of bland bikes, JackRabbit is a shining disco ball. A disco ball that makes your life 1000x easier, that is. WIRED even called us “the most useful electric bike” and “the perfect first-, last-, and every-mile-in-between solution.”

Why? Because, over half of the trips you take everyday are 5 miles or less. JackRabbits are the perfect mode of transportation for all these short trips, combining the right amount of speed, power, fast-charging, and cost for short distances. Save on gas, grab your JackRabbit - and go! And for longer trips, simply swap in a fresh Extra Battery for an instant 10+ miles of range. 

Read on to see why JackRabbit is the most useful micro ebike:

1) “Walk Mode”

Who has time to pedal through a sea of pedestrians? Not you, and with the JackRabbit’s Walk Mode, you can rotate the handlebars 90 degrees, and easily maneuver the bike (no power needed) through crowds, through a hotel lobby, at a trade show or through your local grocery store. 

“Walk Mode” also allows you to discreetly bring your JackRabbit indoors so you never have to leave it outside and exposed to thieves. When in “Walk Mode” the JackRabbit is a super slim 7 inches wide, so once you roll it indoors, you can easily and discreetly stow it away under a desk, beside table, or flat against any wall.

2) Park Where It’s Easy To

Seeing your favorite band live? Say goodbye to sending the “I’m still looking for parking" text when your friends ask where you are. The JackRabbit lets you ditch the hunt for that coveted spot. 

Throw a few JackRabbits in your car trunk, park far away where it’s free and easy to, and JackRabbit the rest of the way! 

3) Store Under Your Desk

Sick of wrestling your bike into a crowded bike rack? Or taking the crowded subway to work? The JackRabbit laughs in the face of conventional storage solutions and makes every commute a delight. 

With an ultra lightweight and folding flat design, it’s easy to roll inside a workplace, up and escalator or elevator, and can easily slip right under your desk, table, or closet, keeping it within arms reach at all times.

4) Designed to be Theft-Proof

Do you get minor heart palpitations every time you lock your ebike outside, wondering if you’ll ever see it again? Do you worry about your ebike becoming someone else's joyride? Fret not, because the JackRabbit was designed to never be left outside and vulnerable to theft. 

With a lightweight and foldable frame that slims down to just 7 inches wide, it’s designed to be your plus one at a coffee shop, house party or workplace and rolled inside away from thieves, and discreetly stowed anywhere - beside a restaurant table, under a desk, in a closet, or flat against a wall.

5) Lightning Fast Charging (& Swappable Batteries)

Have you ever grabbed your ebike, only to be immediately disappointed by the “no charge” symbol? 

Never be powerless again with JackRabbit, that will quickly charge from a dead battery in just 3 hours. 

With the Ultra-Fast Charger, you can cut that charge time in half to just 1.5 hours.

Or, if you need instant range, throw our lightweight Extra Battery in your backpack or clip it under the JackRabbit’s seat, and instantly swap in an additional 10+ miles of range when you need it!

6) Plane-Friendly & FAA-Compliant

You heard that right, you can take a JackRabbit on a plane! So when you land, you can zip straight to the fun and never need to pay for an Uber, Lyft or rent a car! 

To fly with a JackRabbit, simply pop out your battery (or batteries if you have an XG) and put it in your carry on bag. Fold your JackRabbit into “Travel Mode,” throw it in our Air-Sea-Land Travel Bag and check that as luggage. Finally, arrive at your destination knowing that all your friends are going to be incredibly jealous of you. 

7) A Quick (AND Sweat-Free!) Commute

No one wants to be packed in a bus like a can of sardines, stuck in traffic and out of your favorite podcast episodes, or huffing and puffing into your 9 AM meeting. Make your commute easy, breezy and sweat-free with JackRabbit. Zoom up and down hills, beat the traffic and arrive in style.

8) RV-Friendly

So you’re an outdoorsy, nature loving kind of person. JackRabbit is the perfect addition to your weekend getaways. Pack one (or two, or three) in your RV and have an instant way to explore your new surroundings. Need to get something from town? No problem, you can be there in a flash without having to drive your car or RV. JackRabbits give you the freedom to be outdoors and stay outdoors. 

9) Easy to Stash in a Small Apartment

If you’re a city dweller and have limited space but still want the thrill of an ebike, JackRabbit is the one for you. It's so lightweight, you can easily carry it up stairs and store it in your apartment to prevent theft.

Folding to just 7” wide, your bike can slide into the closet, behind a couch, or even under a bed! You’ll never have to have your bike on display again (unless you want to, of course, it’s so dang cute).

10) “Land Tender” for Your Boat

Boats and bikes typically aren’t said in the same sentence, but imagine having a quick and easy way to navigate on land once you dock? Pack your JackRabbit on the boat and never run out of ways to transport yourself, be it sea or land!

Say goodbye to the mundane and hello to the JackRabbit – your super useful 100% electric sidekick in sustainable transportation. Shop now!