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JackRabbit is the most portable micro ebike in the world

5 Reasons Why JackRabbit is the Most Portable & Compact Micro eBike in the World

JackRabbit is the perfect adventure buddy from urban concrete jungles to actual jungles. Why?

At only 24 pounds and with the ability to fold flat to just 7 inches wide, the JackRabbit is a super compact and a portable powerhouse, meaning if you can dream of the place, you can take JackRabbit there with you. 


1. Camping Compadre

Because of our ultralight and portable design, multiple JackRabbits can easily fit in an RV or camper van, making it the perfect way to explore the great outdoors when camp or the RV is set up. 

And with 20-inch all terrain tires, JackRabbit will cruise over any grass, dirt or gravel as you check out a new campsite or town. 


2. Boating First Mate

Sometimes called the “tender for your tender, “ JackRabbit micro ebikes are also a great addition to any boat or yacht. We don’t have a yacht yet either, but WHEN WE DO, you can bet we’re going to have tons of JackRabbits on board. 

Store them a few easily on deck or in the cargo hold, and then use them to get around the marina or a new town when you're docked.


3. City Commute Crusher

JackRabbit’s made to crush big city commutes - and bonus, they'll make your commute about 100x more fun and 1000x less sweaty than a packed subway train. 

Now, you can cruise to work with 20mph of pure electric power. No pedals means you won’t show up to the office super sweaty!

When you get home, we’re light enough to carry up stairs, like the ones in your 4th floor walk up, and small enough to fold down and fit snugly in a closet or hang on a wall. Storing indoors means you never have to leave JackRabbit outside and risk it being stolen.   


4. Suburban Cruiser

So you finally made it to the ‘burbs. And, so did everyone else because why the heck is it so hard to find parking these days?!

JackRabbit is the perfect way to go out to dinner, grab groceries and do errands - without ever having to worry about finding parking or traffic!

And a quick life hack: because JackRabbit is so compact, you can keep one in your car. Park far away from a big event where it’s easier to park, and simply JackRabbit the rest of the way!


5. Frequent Flyer 

And for those who love to travel by plane, the JackRabbit is the perfect companion. 

Yep, we’re small enough to take on a plane and we're FAA-compliant! Simply remove the battery and carry that on, and check the rest of the bike as luggage in our Air-Sea-Land Travel Bag

Imagine exploring a new city on a micro ebike that you brought with you on the plane – talk about an adventure!


Explore even more with the super portable & compact JackRabbit

Whether you're exploring the great outdoors or navigating a new city, the JackRabbit micro ebike is the perfect way to get around. 

With its portability, ultralight and compact design, and 100% electric power, you can easily tackle and explore any new place or terrain.

So what are you waiting for? Hop on a JackRabbit and start exploring today!