The JackRabbit Story

Dave, Tom and Jason bring decades of transportation, tech product development and customer service expertise to the party. They have known each other collectively for more than 40 years. They live to make people smile through the things they make. 

Their latest collaboration—JackRabbit—has been five years in the making. It was sparked by Tom’s desire to help the UCSD student-athletes he coached get around the varied-terrain campus on something they could take into the classroom then stow in their dorm room at the end of the day (to avoid being stolen!)…something light, simple, easy to ride and maintenance-free. 

The earliest prototype (2015) had a 2-speed, direct-drive front wheel. Advancements in battery technology and brushless DC hub motors made an electric-assist version a much more practical solution. Several iterations followed. 

In 2018 JackRabbit 1.0 came to life in a successful Kickstarter campaign. User feedback fueled the enhancements that led to today’s JackRabbit 2.0—a personal mobility solution that has earned accolades well beyond the college campus.